Are tablets good for children?

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A tablet also addressed as a tablet PC is an electronic gadget different from the traditional computers – desktop or laptop.


In this case, it uses a touchscreen as its primary input, made for engaging adults and kids alike.

Tablets built for kids are addressed as children’s educational tablets and you’ll see why it is so.

With its adoption in our society today, parents are already questioning the popular belief that children should not be allowed to use tablet PCs.


Here are some reasons we’ve heard and addressed in our own little way.


  • Over-exposure

Children are excited when they receive their new gadgets and are ready to explore as much as possible.

However, parents are worried their kids are exposed to all sorts of content when online. Some are bothered about the impact it would have on their kid’s attention span, time monitoring and concentration as well.




A: The Kids tablet PCs have parental control applications built in to them. For those that don’t, it can be downloaded from play store or app store.

So parents can easily monitor the time spent on home works or assignments, restrict applications used, set nap time or bed time amidst others.





  • Safety of the device

Children can be very rough on their toys and their tablets aren’t exceptions.


Parents wonder why they should buy a tablet for their kids when they will destroy it within a blink of an eye.


A: Kids tablets are built with studier shells than adult tablets. A good number of them come with bumper pouches and thick handles that make it easier for them to hold and carry around. They are made of materials that sticky fingers can also deal with so do not restrain your children from the value they will get from this gadget.



  • Apps for children

    Parents are worried about getting the right apps for their children, considering their age.

A: Need I mention that the tablet PCs meant for kids are addressed as children educational tablets because they usualy come preloaded with enough apps for entertainment and learning thus you do not need to clutter their devices with unnecessary applications.


We understand that many young children do not yet communicate by reading and writing but are full of ideas that they want to express. Using technology in the right way can empower them to get their ideas across.





Technology can support social interaction and communication skills.





 Remember moderation and balance is key. 




photo credits: NABI & KURIO


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