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I hear people say; that photographer, that cinematographer uses sophisticated equipment for their production. I’m like – yes they do. So ?

Sam who has a dream of becoming the next most sought after Obi Somto) goes ahead to say I need to buy the type of equipment he uses so I can start practicing.

I agree with your vision to become the next best videographer or cinematographer in Africa. What I disagree with is; breaking the bank to achieve that goal except you are rich enough to afford it.

All that said, here are 5 reasons why you should get an affordable tripod stand.


Tripods are very easy to manipulate, you can adjust their lengths, turn them to suitable angles to achieve the absolute position you need for your shots. Tripods don’t just hold cameras; they can hold smartphones, camcorders and serve as a light stand that holds flash units, slaves and reflectors. Using a tripod when using a camera will dramatically help picture quality as it will allow you to pan smoothly to produce somewhat professional shots.


Taking photos of small objects close-up can require a lot of skill and minor movements will be crucial to a perfect image. Using a tripod will noticeably reduce unwanted movement of the camera. A tripod is ideal in getting great nature shots as you can be waiting around for hours for that moment that might only last a few seconds, so you need to be ready.


You’ll need other things too. Buying an affordable tripod gives you extra money for other equipment. Why spend so much on a tripod stand when you will need to invest in lights, reflectors and a backup tripod amidst others.

It is true that some people think if it is not expensive, it might not give you the Clarence Peters kind of shots.

WRONG.  Affordable tripod stands actually work very well and saves you capital to focus on other important things.




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