Are your smart watches really smart?

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Fitness trackers, Movement bands or Smart watches as you will like to call these wearables all have one thing in common – the ability to manage the vital aspects of our lives virtually. These include our biometrics like heart rate, blood pressure, calories burned, oxygen level and more.

The smart watch technology is designed to merge and break down connectivity into smaller packages like we have on our smartphones. They are complete digital tools that do more than your old analog watches.

So you asked, “How smart are they”?

I’ll say – intelligent enough to run applications, play back digital media like music tracks, take pictures independently, access functions like thermometers, call logs, calculators, compass, social media and much more.

A large portion of smart watches aren’t completely stand-alone gadgets because they lack internet connections. They are forced to depend on smartphones which have internet and Bluetooth connectivity so as to reach their potential capabilities. These involve placing and receiving phone calls, text messages, GPS navigation, message notification and time/calendar synchronization.

Some smartwatches are made for athletic purposes like running, altitude checks for hiking, lap time, distance and routes, weather, wind speed and directions.

Just as the yearning product manufacturers noticed the unlimited possibilities these gadgets could achieve even in the health industry, they leveraged on the opportunity to solve our everyday problems.

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